iLearn's digital interactive book platform is designed for educational book publishers that provides a personalized, interactive and collaborative learning experience around eBooks on PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

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eLearning Portal

Our eLearning portal is a full fledge solution combining a content management system (CMS) fully integrated with Totara learning management system (LMS). iLearn also populates the portal with a library of off-the-shelf content as well as the ability to add/create bespoke content.

The platform can be hosted on the cloud or locally installed in the client's data center. We are also pleased to announce that the entire portal is available in multiple languages, including Arabic and English.

The portal provides a personalized, interactive and collaborative learning experience around courses, classes, virtual classrooms, wikis and blogs that is available on PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

Some of its features include

  • Multiple Platforms and Languages: The portal can be accessed via PCs, tablets and mobile devices. It also supports multiple languages including Arabic.
  • Personalization: Employees and organizations can customize the entire look and feel of the portal to suit their own branding guidelines.
  • Integration: Complete integration with HR systems, Active Directory SSO and Payment gateways.
  • Engaging The portal supports different engaging features such as a complete assessment management engine (more than 20 different question types), file sharing, chat rooms, forums, virtual classroom and web conferencing, audio/video upload/ gradebook/attendance management/results management and many more!
  • Storefront Capability Corporates may wish to activate the digital storefront functionality to allow restricted access to certain modules/courses.



Portal UI